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Give the Mahjong Flowers to a girl. “MahJong – Fiori” by Alfredo Liverani Il gioco del MahJong è molto diffuso in Romagna. Si dice sia stato portato dai cinesi che all’inizio del secolo scorso (o forse prima) arrivarono a Ravenna e sbarcavano il lunario vendendo cravatte di seta.

Could online Mahjong take off like online Poker did? Before poker really exploded thanks to ESPN and an online phenomenon named Chris Moneymaker winning the World Series of Poker, you wouldn’t find so many sites around the web dedicated to the game as you would today, and certainly not many online casinos hosting a separate […]

How to Read a Mahjong Tile Before it is Your Turn to Take it From the Wall! – by David Hurley Modern Japanese mahjong tiles are made of a synthetic nylon material with the symbols for the suit numbers, winds and dragons stamped onto the face of the tiles. The face of every tile in […]

What’s a good site where I can play Mahjongg for free? I don’t want to have to register or download anything I don’t have Windows Vista 🙁 Question asked by: ~~Birdy~~ This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

How can i play mahjong online but for two people? I want to play with a friend in l? Nea but in yahoo you can do only 4 people. And some other games just for you to choose another player. ? Outlets: Where can we? Posted by: israel r This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

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