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Where can I download or buy a mahjong game with “parrothead” tiles? I want a good game of mahjong on the PC to take or which can add the tile parrotthead. Posted by: Larry R This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

What is the relationship between Mah jong and Solitaire? Parle asked: could you please tell me how solitaire is an “incarnation” of Mah Jong? If you know the answer….Thank you soo much!! This question powered by Yahoo! Answers

Best way to win mahjongg? Yeah what’s the best way to win mahjongg? Is there a mothod or do you jump back and forth. Question asked by: sarah d This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

How to make the screen larger for yahoo mahjong game? eudielynn asked: I just installed the yahoo mahjong game and it is so small I can’t see the tiles. There is no menu and no adjustments settings. The answer I received was to play with properties, but since there is no way to get to […]

Where can I buy a Mahjong Set in Dallas? I watched an anime calles “Akagi” and the game seems real intresting! but i cant find a place where they sell an actual Mahjong 144 tile set! Question asked by: Juan N This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

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