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How do you set up real mah jong peices like the computer game? I bought a mah jong set for a friend..but got a little more then i expected. I got a REAL SET. I would like to know if there are guides out there to use these real peices and set up the cool […]

Help! My cat stepped on my keyboard and changed the size of the tiles in Kyodai Mahjongg? How do I change the tiles back to the default? Question asked by: skygirl_92708 This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

any free good downloads for mah jong quest? I am looking for a reliable place to download a mah jong game. I have downloaded a trial version and then need to pay 9.95 to buy it. Is there a place that you can download the full version and not need to pay? Question asked by: […]

How do you play Japanese Mahjong? I won a Japanese Mahjong set from a UFO catcher in, of course, Japan. And now I want to learn Japanese Mahjong to use the set, but I can’t find a decent tutorial anywhere!! Can anybody help? Question asked by: A B This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

Is there any Casino where you can play Mahjong? Can you play different versions of Mahjong in any Casino? If so, can you do so in cities like Las Vegas or Atlantic City? What versions of Mahjong are available if any? I looked up on the websites of every big Casino and none of them […]

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