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How do Japanese Mahjong Parlors Work? I’ve seen mahjong parlors all over Japan. They seem to run the gamut from seedy yakuza haunts to respectable family entertainment places along with manga/internet cafes. What I want to know are three things. First, when you go there, do you go with your friends and get a table […]

How do I play Mahjong as a single player?   I used to be able to go to games and take a board game and play Mahjong from me. I do not want to play the style of the tournament. How do I select a game just formed to play by myself?   Question asked […]

How do you get a perfact score on mahjong tiles?   I’ve seen that on online game sites, other players have scored a 1 on mahjong tiles and i want to know how they do it. Question posted by: Speshul Edd This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

Do most Filipinos play mahjongg? Is that still a favorite pasttime in the Philippines?   I grew up watching adults play mahjongg all weekend long…sometimes for 48 hours straight.   Posted by: Sarimanok     Powered by Yahoo! Answers

What should I cook for my friends on Mahjong night? My turn to host this week and want to host this week my turn to host this week and want to make dinner for everybody but dont have any interesting ideas there will be total of our houses and want to. Mahjong its my girlfriends […]

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