The best places to play Mahjong online, including detailed reviews of the Top 10 Mahjong sites on the net.

Mahjong Money Management

Money Management for Mahjong Players

How to avoid losing your shirt on the Mahjong table. Some commonsense tips on how to manage your money carefully. Here we will examine the odds, best bets, and some strategy. If you haven’t played internet Mahjong is that the odds are far better than other games of chance like […]

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How do you play Japanese Mahjong?

How do you play Japanese Mahjong? I won a Japanese Mahjong set from a UFO catcher in, of course, Japan. And now I want to learn Japanese Mahjong to use the set, but I can’t find a decent tutorial anywhere!! Can anybody help? Question asked by: A B Japanese Mahjong, […]

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