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The History of Mahjongg During a recent visit to my parent’s house I noticed a solid black briefcase on the kitchen table. I was curious as to what was inside. From it’s size, I thought it might be a laptop computer. My mom opened the briefcase to reveal several colorful tiles and game pieces. She […]

A Brief History of Mahjong – an article by Mariam Ma The game of mahjong is almost uniquely identifiable with the Chinese culture. The cliches run amok with chatty housewives playing the game, triad members gambling in mahjong houses, or senior citizens chasing away the hours with a game that stimulates their mind. But the […]

A brief summary of the history of the game of Mahjong.   Did Confucious Invent Mahjong? One of the myths regarding the origin of Mahjong suggests that Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher, developed the game about 500 BC. According to this myth, the appearance of the game in various Chinese provinces coincides with Confucius’ travels […]

A description of the types of tile sets used in different versions of Mahjong and Mahjong Solitaire.       Mahjong tiles originate in China and are used to play the games of Mahjong, Mahjong solitaire, and also a variety of other tile-based games. The exact number of tiles varies depending on what version of […]

Mahjong is a big part of common culture in China. It is one of the most common social activities and pervades many aspects of social and family life. As examples of the popularity of Mahjong; Most people have a Mahjong set at home Most Chinese restaurants also offer Mahjong playing set for their customers. During […]

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