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Best way to win mahjongg?

Yeah what’s the best way to win mahjongg? Is there a mothod or do you jump back and forth.

Question asked by: sarah d

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3 Responses to “Best way to win mahjongg?”

  1. lucreciacresent Says:


    just play its not really a game of strategy just carefully look at all the tiles check what they open up and make your decision carefully

    or you can cheat!

  2. santosh_musicman Says:

    Website content

    Mahjong (Mahjongg, Mah Jong) solitaire is a free puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game for four persons. The goal is to remove all 144 tiles from the board. You may remove only paired free tiles. The tile is free when there are no tiles either to the left or to the right from it.

    Although apparently viewed as a game of pure luck in some circles, in reality Mah Jongg features considerable strategy and over the course of an entire match, Skill will tell over Luck. Skill in the game is enhanced (and Luck diminished) if Flowers and Seasons are omitted and minimum hands are allowed (because it means all players tend to remain in the game, not just the lucky one who happened to draw a minimum hand). How then to win at Mah Jongg?

    First, Diagnose:

    When you get your tiles, make an immediate evaluation of how many tiles away from victory. That is, how many specific tiles do you need to go out, shortest path?

    If 4 or less, expect to be ready in 9 turns. Play to win.
    If 5, what you do depends on your luck — if you have good draws, you could be ready early, if not you should give up.
    If you need 6 or more, give up and play defensively, hoping for a draw.
    Playing to win:
    Take chances. Discard anything you don’t need, even lucky tiles. After 6 or 7 tiles, feel free to say “chow” or “pung”.
    Playing not to lose:
    Discard cautiously. After 4 draws, if you need only 3 tiles or less, go for it. Otherwise, play for a draw.
    Playing for a draw:
    Don’t be the first to discard a dragon or wind except your own.
    Don’t play with doubles.
    Don’t claim one for a triplet; the discard means it is now safe to discard.
    Keep your hand concealed — don’t chow or pung.
    Discard in the following order:
    Isolated ordinary winds. Worthless to you and probably not useful to opponents unless they have some already. So discard very early before they are able to “pung”. If you are not the dealer, start with East. Then discard the Wind of the player on your left. Then the player opposite you and then the one to your right.
    Terminals. If you have 1-6-9 which do you discard first? If you get 2-3, you can use the 1, but if you get 7-8, you won’t need the 9 because you have the 6. So discard the 9 first. And dispose the shortest suit first.
    Dragons. Discard early rather than late to keep opponents from using “pung”. Keep pairs, but discard isolated ones right after the Winds or not at all.
    Special Winds. The prevailing wind is wanted by everyone. Discard this wind early, but keep your own until discarded twice by others. But beware after turn 9 or 10 since someone may be using it as a pair. Your double wind is extremely valuable — keep it until useless.
    Simples. 4, 5 and 6 are extremely valuable and should be kept as long as possible.
    Change tactics after turn 10. Be aware of what others are collecting. Winds, terminals and dragons are now very dangerous. Simples are also dangerous.
    Other Tips:
    Holding 7-7-7-8 waiting for 8 or 9 is better than 4-5-5-5 waiting for 3 or 4 because 8 or 9 are more likely to be discarded. It is better to wait for tiles already showing on the board since players avoid discarding “new” tiles after the first few turns.

    Player holds 2-3-4-4; someone discards a 4. Beginner says “pung”, melds 4-4-4 and then waits for a 1 or 4 to complete his sequence. But only one 4 is left in the set and most of the 1’s have been discarded early. Expert says “pung” only if he can make ready, waiting for a 1 or 4 as above. Otherwise he keeps quiet and discards his own 4 later on (because he knows that now it is safe to do so) and keeps the 2-3-4 sequence.

  3. Fallen Says:

    Caffeinated Content – Members-Only Content for WordPress

    The method I found best to win this game at is divide the tiles up in one upper half and lower half, then start using the tiles from lower half to take out the upper half and vice versa. You don’t always win but it is a lot like solitaire you win some or you lose due to either the random placing of the tiles or a mistake made earlier in the game. You will get the hang of it as you keep playing and pick up on a few helpful ways of winning.

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