I live in a small apartment, how can I play Mahjong late into the night with out making too much noise?

I live in a small apartment, how can I play Mahjong late into the night with out making too much noise?

Does anyone know of any special Mahjong (MJ) sets that make less noise when you shuffle them? I know you can buy MJ playing cards but I’d like to stick with solid tiles if possible.

Question asked by: John L


Playing Mahjong in a small apartment without disturbing neighbors or roommates can be challenging, as the shuffling and handling of the tiles can create noise. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce noise while playing Mahjong late into the night. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Use a quieter Mahjong set: Some Mahjong sets are made from materials that produce less noise than traditional bone and bamboo or plastic tiles. Consider purchasing a set made from soft materials like silicone, foam, or rubber. These tiles will create significantly less noise when shuffling and handling, allowing you to play without disturbing others.
  2. Use a padded or soft playing surface: Playing on a hard surface can amplify the noise produced by the tiles. Use a padded or soft playing surface, such as a neoprene or fabric mat, to reduce the noise. You can also place a towel, blanket, or tablecloth under the Mahjong mat for additional noise reduction.
  3. Adjust your shuffling technique: Traditional Mahjong shuffling, called “The Washing,” involves vigorously sliding and mixing the tiles on the table. To reduce noise, consider using a more gentle shuffling technique, such as mixing the tiles in your hands or gently pushing them around on the table.
  4. Handle tiles gently: Be mindful of the noise you create when picking up and placing tiles during the game. Try to handle the tiles as gently as possible, avoiding dropping or tapping them against the table or other tiles.
  5. Use a digital Mahjong set or app: If you are unable to find a suitable quiet Mahjong set or still find the noise level too high, consider using a digital Mahjong set or app. Many websites and apps offer Mahjong games, allowing you to play with virtual tiles without creating any noise. You can connect with friends and play together online, or play against computer opponents.
  6. Play during quieter hours: If possible, schedule your Mahjong games during times when noise is less likely to be an issue for neighbors or roommates. This may not be ideal for late-night gaming but could be a compromise for quieter living situations.
  7. Communicate with neighbors and roommates: If you are concerned about disturbing others with your Mahjong games, communicate openly with your neighbors and roommates. Let them know you are trying to minimize the noise and ask for feedback on whether your efforts are successful. You may find that they are more understanding and accommodating if they know you are trying to be considerate.

In summary, to play Mahjong quietly in a small apartment, consider using a quieter Mahjong set made from soft materials, a padded playing surface, gentle shuffling techniques, and careful handling of tiles. If necessary, explore digital Mahjong options or adjust your playing schedule. Communication with neighbors and roommates can also help create a more understanding and accommodating environment for your late-night Mahjong sessions.