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Isn’t there a shanghai mahjongg type game that uses chinese-type balls instead of tiles?   I love the game called shanghai mahjongg, but I prefer the chinese balls, than the tiles.   Posted by: tootsie Powered by Yahoo! Answers If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!

What’s the best book to read if you’re looking to learn the game of mahjong, or improve your play? There are many many books about mahjong (mah jong, mah-jongg) written for Chinese and Japanese audiences, but relatively few in English.  The Mahjong Guide has carried out a survey of the books that are recommended by […]

jdr52blink asked: A friend told me she plays mahjong solitaire and gets up to round 18. When I play mahjong solitaire not using all my shuffles I can only reach up to round 3 or 4? The game just ends and tells me my Final Score. Why can’t I play up to 18 rounds of […]

 A quick and easy guide to the range of free mahjong games you’ll find on the internet.   Are you interested in discovering how and where to play mahjong for free?  As you’ve probably found, if you try typing ‘free mahjong games’ into your search engine you’ll get all sorts of weird and wonderful mahjong […]

Describes the pieces of equipment required to play Mahjong.    Mahjong can be played either with a set of Mahjong tiles, or a set of Mahjong playing cards (sometimes spelled ‘kards’ to distinguish them from the list of standard hands used in American mahjong). Playing cards are often used when travelling as it reduces space […]

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