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Do most Filipinos play mahjongg? Is that still a favorite pasttime in the Philippines?   I grew up watching adults play mahjongg all weekend long…sometimes for 48 hours straight.   Posted by: Sarimanok     Powered by Yahoo! Answers If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!

MAH-JONGG: THE TILES THAT BIND – Trailer   It’s more than a game…it’s a way of life! This is a trailer for the light-hearted yet deeply moving portrait of the Asian- and Jewish-American women who play this centuries-old Chinese game, shedding light on the common and uncommon experiences of the players that simultaneously define and […]

A Brief History of Mahjong – an article by Mariam Ma The game of mahjong is almost uniquely identifiable with the Chinese culture. The cliches run amok with chatty housewives playing the game, triad members gambling in mahjong houses, or senior citizens chasing away the hours with a game that stimulates their mind. But the […]

Mahjong gathering   Mahjong!! Posted by: kybt24

What should I cook for my friends on Mahjong night? My turn to host this week and want to host this week my turn to host this week and want to make dinner for everybody but dont have any interesting ideas there will be total of our houses and want to. Mahjong its my girlfriends […]

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