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How do you play Japanese Mahjong? I won a Japanese Mahjong set from a UFO catcher in, of course, Japan. And now I want to learn Japanese Mahjong to use the set, but I can’t find a decent tutorial anywhere!! Can anybody help? Question asked by: A B This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

Is there any Casino where you can play Mahjong? Can you play different versions of Mahjong in any Casino? If so, can you do so in cities like Las Vegas or Atlantic City? What versions of Mahjong are available if any? I looked up on the websites of every big Casino and none of them […]

Mahjong: Skill, Strategy and Calculation – an article by Benicio Brown Mahjong or Mahjongg as it’s sometimes known as is a traditional Chinese game that is suitable for all ages and comprises skill, strategy and calculation in order to defeat your opponents. The element of luck can play a major factor in this game which […]

I live in a small apartment, how can I play Mahjong late into the night with out making too much noise? Does anyone know of any special Mahjong (MJ) sets that make less noise when you shuffle them? I know you can buy MJ playing cards but I’d like to stick with solid tiles if […]

Mighty-mighty Mahjong – by Lance Hemenway Mahjong is a rediculously popular game. Actually, that is a tad of an understatement. Invented in China, Mahjong is a game that entwines skill, strategy and luck in a unique way. Akin to other games, like dominoes, Mahjong utilizes the use of titles which are combined in attempts to […]

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