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 A quick and easy guide to the range of free mahjong games you’ll find on the internet.


Are you interested in discovering how and where to play mahjong for free? 

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Describes the pieces of equipment required to play Mahjong


Mahjong can be played either with a set of Mahjong tiles, or a set of Mahjong playing cards (sometimes spelled ‘kards’ to distinguish them from the list of standard hands used in American mahjong). Playing cards are often used when travelling as it reduces space and is lighter than their tile counterparts.

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There are many variations of the game of Mahjong. Here we give a very brief overview of the main variants currently in play across the world.

The main varieties of Mahjong are as follows:

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These are the steps for setting up a standard Hong Kong (or Singapore) Mahjong game board.

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A brief summary of the history of the game of Mahjong.


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