1. I consider my wife to be an average Filippina and she was up playing majong with neighbours past midnight last night. She does this about once a week. I have other family members that like to play all night, but nothing like 2 days straight. It’s still a popular pastime here.

  2. Not exactly most but there are still some who play mahjong. It used to be a favorite pastime for the Filipinos but with the advent of so many kinds of entertainment, mahjong seems to take a back seat. “Tong-its” ruled for sometime, taking over where mahjong used to lord over other forms of gambling/entertainment. Then there was “chikicha”. Oh well, it was good while it lasted but not that I play those games. The latter, yes, but just to entertain ourselves and not to bet.

  3. To be technically correcy, we can not say “most” Filipinos. That would mean more than half of the population. Or even just more than half of the adult population. I am sure it is not even a quarter.

    But that is not to say it is not a favorite. It still is, and would likely to remain a favorite for a long time, if not forever. Even with the adveny of pusoy, pusoy dos, tongits, and the now-popular poker games like Texas Holden.

    Old habits die hard.

  4. Mahjong used to be a pastime for the rich and famous, playing the game with real ivory blocks, but now poor people only pretend to be rich and famous using plastic blocks.

  5. only adults are playing that game cus children now like playing computers and children like now high tech

  6. Haha my grandmother does that with my aunts and uncles except they shorten the game to just like half a day with like one break. And whenever they would play it would be a Sunday and I’d have school in the morning.

    I learned mah jongg when I was eight, but it’s been ten years…I pretty much forgot it.

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