Mahjong solitaire ends too soon?


jdr52blink asked:

A friend told me she plays mahjong solitaire and gets up to round 18. When I play mahjong solitaire not using all my shuffles I can only reach up to round 3 or 4? The game just ends and tells me my Final Score. Why can’t I play up to 18 rounds of mahjong solitaire?


The number of rounds or levels you can reach in Mahjong Solitaire may depend on the specific game or app you are using. Some versions of Mahjong Solitaire have a fixed number of levels or layouts to complete, while others might offer an endless mode where the game generates new layouts as you progress. It’s possible that your friend is playing a different version of Mahjong Solitaire that offers more rounds or levels than the one you are playing.

Additionally, the difficulty of the layouts may vary across different games or versions. Some may present more challenging layouts, making it harder to progress to higher rounds without using shuffles or other power-ups.

If you want to play up to 18 rounds or more, consider trying different Mahjong Solitaire games or apps, as they may offer more levels or an endless mode. Alternatively, you could also challenge yourself to improve your skill and strategy to progress further in your current game without relying on shuffles. Remember that Mahjong Solitaire often requires patience and careful planning, so take your time to analyze the board and make the best moves possible.