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Mahjong is good game to build an own team. “mahjong time.” by teng&co we were bored of actually playing mahjong. so we built stuff.

Very nice Mahjong set. “Mahjong” by Tamooj Part of a full set of Mahjong that’s on our bookshelf, waiting for players…

You can play Mahjong everywhere. “mahjong!!” by yeetong we did not have a mah jong table so we used this big one to play instead. since we play 3 person mahjong it is just nice..

Chinese know how to play Mahjong. “Chinese Mahjong Notes” by lastmodified Wandering through the hutong alleys beside the Drum Tower in Beijing, I came upon a small community square where several games of mahjong were in progress. As I observed the games, I realised that they played with a different set of rules from the […]

Give the Mahjong Flowers to a girl. “MahJong – Fiori” by Alfredo Liverani Il gioco del MahJong è molto diffuso in Romagna. Si dice sia stato portato dai cinesi che all’inizio del secolo scorso (o forse prima) arrivarono a Ravenna e sbarcavano il lunario vendendo cravatte di seta.

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