Online European Mahjong Championship September 2007

The European Mahjong Association and Mahjong Time will this year stage the first ever sanctioned Online European Mahjong Championship (OEMC-Online).

It will be held on September 8 and 9, 2007.

The tournament will be hosted by Mahjong Time and will include hundreds of skilled mahjong players from all over the globe

The EMA has granted Mahjong Time’s organized online tournaments formal status, which means a win in the tournament, is worth two ranking points in the Mahjong Online Ranking System (MORSE).

Entry fees for OEMC-Online:
  • Full price is $25.
  • Early Bird Special- Receive $5 off the full registration fee if you register before August 1 2007
  • additional reductions for Mahjong Time league players.

Registration ends Friday, September 7 2007

You can register now at Mahjong Time.

To register for this thrilling tournament click here to go to Mahjong Time, then click the OEMC Tournament Registration banner.