1. they are probably playing at some gathering. lol u can get those tables at road side stalls =x lol or u can find around

  2. first, it looks like hong kong mahjong (3 fan), which plays to the end (no tiles left). second, you wouldn’t throw the green dragon because it wasn’t thrown yet and most likely, someone was waiting for it. safer to throw 9 character.

  3. You grab your tile from the gap made when the game is first started, in a clockwise motion. If you see someone grabbing a tile from the opposite side of the gap, it means the tile he/she just got was a flower, which requires you to take a tile from the opposite side of the wall.

  4. well, technically, you are meant to grab it from the gap made in the wall, but you can do it anywhere!

  5. Does it matter where u take ur tile from? i mean from the wall, cause i just see u guys grabbing from everywhere on the wall

  6. why’d you throw out the nine..

    you should’ve thrown out the gree dragon way beofre you thrwe out the one circle, because the longer you hold onto a single dragon, the worse the outcome may be. Also, you were suppose to stop playing after 8 columns since those are dead tiles

  7. What you have in your hand is A ‘chow’ of won (2,3,4), a ‘pung’ of won (8,8,8), a ‘Chow’ of circles (1,2,3) a Pair of circles(5,5) and a pair of East Wind. You need to get another 5 circle or another east wind, you can only mah jongg with a pair

  8. My grandpa his father “Frans Alexander Lodewijk Calbo” play also a Mahjong
    talk about the good old days in Indonesia!

  9. i only know how to play the japanese style, but yea, that hand isnt that great at all…now if he happens to be dealer and its east wind, different story, but if its neither, looks like its only worth 2000 points

  10. i’m playing the popular “Mahjong” of Nintendo and i can’t win with the hand that i have:

    *i have in my hand*
    2, 3 y 4 (characters)
    8, 8, 8 (characters)
    1, 2, 3 (dots)
    5, 5 (dots)
    East, East (winds)

    *i get from the wall*
    5 (dots)

    someone knows why i can’t win?, maybe some rule that i’m ignoring it?, thank you for your answers.

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