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Archive for March, 2019

Mahjong at the Hannover Mahjong Open 2007

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Mahjong at the Hannover Mahjong Open 2007

A Mahjong game played at the Hannover Mahjong Open 2007. Chinese Official Rules apply. Host: German Mahjong League (

Video posted by: multiplabipower

Learn How to Play Mahjong!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Learn How to Play Mahjong! – an article by Mariam Ma

Mahjong is a social game of skill, cunning strategy and to keep things interesting, a bit of luck. To get an understanding of the game, here are the basic rules of how to play mahjong. This is a description on the most common variation of mahjong play.

The game of mahjong is played by four players at a square table taking the positions of east, south, west, north. The players go through a ritual of using 144 mahjong tiles to stack a side of the “wall” two tiles high in front of each player. The game commences with each player having thirteen tiles taken from the wall of tiles. The player sitting on the eastern seat starts off with the “button” and draws another tile from the wall. This makes the amount of tiles in his hand fourteen. The object of the game is to have a winning hand that is composed of 4 sets of three tiles and a pair of tiles of the same suit. The 4 sets can be a combination of three of a kind or a series of three in the same suit. In other words a winning hand can be described as thus: 4 x 3 + 2 = 14.

The player who draws the tile can decide to keep it but must sacrifice another tile in his hand to throw away in the “courtyard” facing up on the table. Or, the player could have drawn the winning tile and won outright. Remember that a player must have thirteen tiles in his hand but win with fourteen.

After the tile has been discarded in the courtyard, any of the three other players can pick this tile up to make a “pung” or 3 of a kind. However, he must reveal this set in front of other players with the tiles facing up before him.

However, if no player can make a “pung” then the play continues to the person to the right of the player who last discarded a tile. If the tile helps his hand, he has the choice to pick up the tile to make a series of 3 in the same suit otherwise known as a “chow”. As well, he must reveal his intention to do so by putting his set of three tiles facing up for others to see. It is important to note that only a player sitting on the right of the person who just discarded the tile has the right to make a “chow”.

Either way, if a person inherits a tile through a pung or a chow, he must discard another tile to keep the hand at thirteen unless it was the tile to complete a winning hand. The play always continues to the right of the person who just discarded a last tile.

If no pung or chow can be made, then tiles are drawn from the wall. The hand ends either when someone has a winning hand or the number of tiles to draw from the wall run out.

As you can see, there’s an element of luck involved with drawing tiles for a good hand. However, with the discarding of tiles into the courtyard, there is also control of what your opponents can pick up from you to build their hand. A careful strategist can determine what tiles their opponents need by the pungs and chows revealed and what a person does NOT discard into the courtyard.

There are many other strategic elements in the game of mahjong. If the game intrigues you, there’s no better way to learn than to pick up a mahjong set and gather a few friends to discover the game for yourself.

The Author:

Mariam Ma is a writer for Buy American mahjong sets online and find cheap antique vintage mahjong sets online.

Help! My cat stepped on my keyboard and changed the size of the tiles in Kyodai Mahjongg?

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Help! My cat stepped on my keyboard and changed the size of the tiles in Kyodai Mahjongg?

How do I change the tiles back to the default?

Question asked by: skygirl_92708

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Play Free Online Mahjong Game and Win Cash

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Play Free Online Mahjong Game and Win Cash – an article by Kevin J Smith

Online gaming is one of the most favored amusement medium among the youngsters these days. Mahjong game is counted along with the best and most preferred games. It is a kind of free solitaire game where a player has to eliminate all the tiles in the Mahjong towers. Mahjong game is a special kind of Chinese game; all the key skills required in playing mahjong include skills, strategy, calculation and obviously a quick recalling. The original Mahjong game is played with 136, 144, 152 and more thick tiles.

With the development of high liking towards mahjong world, a lot of internets websites are made that adore to this popular game that has been designed for mahjong game lovers. Best thing to hear about Mahjong game is to have non aggressive nature. It is an easily understandable game and suitable to be played by different age groups.

During the mahjong game you have to eliminate all the pieces from the board by finding matching pairs of images at the left and right of lines at different pyramid levels. Best think about Mahjong is that after playing few games, the player starts developing his own techniques to play in a striking and engaging method. It is the part of fun to develop skills that clean the board game. Exciting tournaments are arranged in safe and secure environment.

Mahjongtime provides the innovative mahjong game. is an online mahjong club that organizes mahjong tournaments and where there is a worldwide community of mahjong players; mahjong Hong Kong, mahjong Japanese, mahjong Chinese can play mahjong game anytime. has established itself as a mahjong world to play mahjong online. Here, you can play a numerous types of game, do free practice and play tournaments to win cash and prizes.

We are eager to host the best multi-table online mahjong tournament and single table mahjong challenge anywhere on the Internet! Whether you are playing the mahjong Chinese, mahjong Hong Kong, mahjong Official, mahjong Modern, mahjong Japanese or mahjong American rules, you’ll come across the stirring challenges as you move forward from round to round! Now put up your hands quickly in a fast-paced tournament and move forward the biggest points in multiple-round format.

The Author:

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any free good downloads for mah jong quest?

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

any free good downloads for mah jong quest?

I am looking for a reliable place to download a mah jong game. I have downloaded a trial version and then need to pay 9.95 to buy it. Is there a place that you can download the full version and not need to pay?

Question asked by: pixie a

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