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Young Jewish male takes ‘crak’ at mah-jongg VideoJew Jay Firestone combats the stereotype that mah-jongg is only for older Jewish women, as he proves that a 23-year-old Jewish male "cannot only learn the game, but enjoy it as well." Visit for the full story:

Posted by: jewishjournal

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Published in Mahjong Videos @ 13 Oct 08

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Comments & Feedback on "Young Jewish Male Tries Mah-Jongg!"

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16 Responses to “Young Jewish Male Tries Mah-Jongg!”

  1. shoexy Says:

    lolz, they cant play.

  2. cfrank1966 Says:

    What a hoot!! I love this game and have been playing for 3 1/2 years now. My group gets together every Monday evening for fun, laughter, food, and gaming. There are three guys in the group and we are always looking for more. Thanks for sharing !!

  3. angierox310 Says:

    Mah Jong is kind of like Gin Rummy. Except better. 😉

  4. hobomainia Says:

    wths with the stands LOL

  5. kaitengiri Says:

    Wait a second. I may not have played American style before, but did that guy just discard a flower tile?

  6. MegaGoat Says:

    American Mah-jongg is for old Jewish women
    Chinese Mahjong is for regular people
    Richii is for insomniacs with cocaine habits
    That’s just how it is

  7. VanWhistler Says:

    the only mah jong games I’m familiar with are the computerised ones, where you have to remove pairs of matching tiles. This version on this video looks hard. Is it hard? Can I play it solo? I’ll have to read up on it a bit more, see if there are any groups like that here in UK.

  8. GothProf Says:

    Great video- I’m a 44 male and my buds and I play chinese mah jong weekly at a starbucks- Better than Texas Hoild ’em- Really! This gane is addicting and easy to learn. Check it out!

  9. mingming1986 Says:

    西人玩Mah Jong 怪怪的-.-

  10. GrailcodeDotNet Says:


    I know a secret.

  11. BlaklyonZero Says:

    That was funny! if you are looking for excitement, See sarah silverman!

  12. goody444 Says:

    quality work jay.

  13. AhavaYafeh Says:

    I love that game

  14. MissLolaRose Says:

    Great video, love Jay Firestone! More more… xoxo

  15. rlrosenberg Says:

    yeah, firestone! yeah!

  16. sagiganz Says:

    sweet !
    go jew power !

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